What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a type of performance-based marketing where affiliates are rewarded by businesses for driving traffic to their website. The affiliates or publishers typically send visitors to businesses who are then paid commissions for every sale that is made through these visitors. The visitors can be attracted by showing ads who are then diverted to the respective websites by clicking on those ads.

Why Take Affiliate Marketing Training?

Affiliate marketing is solution for all those people, whether a blogger or an online publisher who seek monetizing through their website or other social media platforms via content. It also acts as an additional source of income for businesses who wish to earn revenue through these channels. It’s a great way to earn extra revenue but is only effective if the program is managed well. This course will help you shorten the learning curve for this potentially lucrative practice.

Our Affiliate Marketing Training Process :

Our course covers all the aspects of Affiliate Marketing right from choosing the best network to creating compelling content that can convert by placing tracking code at effective places. Our faculty who have years of hands on industry experience in the field will teach you how to generate additional income. You will also get to learn critical legal and ethical considerations and profitable best practices to set up a campaign and launch a program.

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and getting started
  • Different ways of doing affiliate marketing
  • Maximizing effects from efforts
  • Top networks
  • Knowing the audience
  • Setting up an effective and profitable campaign
  • Best practices, tips & tricks

Module : Lead generation& Affiliate Marketing

  • Understanding lead generation for businesses
  • Importance of lead generation for businesses
  • Understanding landing pages
  • Difference between landing pages and websites
  • Best practices to create landing pages
  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Different ways of doing affiliate marketing
  • Some of the top affiliate networks in India
  • Some of the top affiliate networks in World
  • How to get started as an affiliate
  • Introduction to AdSense
  • Tips to get Absence approval from Google
  • Using AdSense to create ads & placing them on website

After Learning Affiliate Marketing, You Will Be Able To:

  Create and set up Affiliate campaigns: After completing the course, you yourself will be able to set up an affiliate campaign to monetize your blog or website. You will also be able to conceptualize and set up campaigns for corporate websites that can earn additional revenue through affiliate marketing.

  Execute the plan: After successful completion of the course, you will become proficient enough to execute the plan yourself.

Learn How Affiliate Marketing Course Will Let You Monetize Your Blog/Website:

Find out how this training will open new avenues for your blog or business website to earn additional revenue by setting successful affiliate marketing campaigns.Call us now/Fill the form.

Special Features of Affiliate Marketing Training Course:

  • Live Instructor-led Sessions
  • Training provided by industry leaders
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Hands-on Projects and Assignments
  • Training with real life case studies
  • 100% Placement Assistance for both freshers & experts

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